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Here you can find out about the Spokes & Spanners Team riders, what they ride & why they do it.

Chris, age 27 from Frimley

Chris - Team Rider Hampshire

I’ve been mountain biking since July 2012. I started off riding every Sunday socially with a few friends and didn’t really enjoy it until my fitness improved. Once a week soon turned into twice when I started night rides and twice turned into every opportunity possible when I discovered the dreaded strava.

I upgraded my 26″ wheels to a race spec 29er which changed my love cycling and my competitiveness increased.

I started kom chasing and was persuaded to enter a local gorrick race which I finished 2nd in the open category.

Races were few and far between over the last 2 years but I moved up a category and have been finishing top half/ third in sport.

This year I’ve got a new job which means I should be able to race every weekend which is something I couldn’t do previously.


Favourite Place to Ride Wales without a doubt. I enjoy the whites level climb at Afan and you get rewarded with windy point and energy once your up top. Can’t go wrong!!
Current Bike KTM Myroon Prestige
Favourite Bike My old Trek Superfly Al Pro 29er
Local Trails Tunnel hill, Porridge Potts and Swinley
Bad Habits Eating too many sweets
Aims for this Year Top 10 finish as much as possible