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Mountain Bike Servicing


Are you looking for individual parts servicing? Click here for our Workshop Price List.


This is recommended for bikes that have been in storage for a while or get used now and again, this includes a full safety check/nut & bolt check & basic adjustment of components as needed.

Check wheel bearings for play/wear
Check bottom bracket for play/wear
Check headset for play/wear
Check brakes for wear
Check tyres for wear and inflate to correct pressure
Check gears for wear/play

Full service MTB Hardtail/Road bike £90 – (Full suspension £140)

This is recommended as an annual service 6-18 months depending on how much the bike is used, it includes everything in the health check plus the additional points listed below:

Front & rear axles removed, cleaned, inspected & re-greased
Headset removed, cleaned, inspected & re-greased
Bottom bracket removed, cleaned, inspected & re-greased
Drivetrain removed, cleaned, inspected & lubricated
Wheels trued (depending on condition of wheel)
Gear & Brake cables replaced if needed


We can carry out some servicing in store or we will send your fork/shock to one of the UK service centers for that brand for more info please call 01252 540555.

Fork Servicing From £40-200 + Parts
Shock Servicing From £30-180 + Parts

These prices are subject to change & exclude any new parts that may need to be fitted, customers will be advised if they are required and a quotation will be given.